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12 Jul 2017

Chain Link Fence Installation Tips: Installing Posts and Hardware

The great thing about chain link fencing is that you can dig all the fence post holes at once. The manufacturer will recommend the spacing in between post holes, ...

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16 Jul 2017

MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat - Available at Lowe's

DIY KITCHEN BACKSPLASH TILE INSTALLATION IS EASY WITH MUSSELBOUND Beautifying a tile kitchen backsplash, countertop or bathtub / shower wall ...

25 Jul 2017

How to build your own fountain - Lowe's Creative Ideas

Create your own globe fountain using PVC pipe. For product info and project tips, check out our website. Remember, you can buy online: To ...

20 Jul 2017

DIY Sliding Door Ideas

Create indoor sliding doors as a decorative piece in your home. Here are a few sliding door ideas to fit anyone's style, and you can make them yourself! Find the ...

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10 Jul 2017

How to Create your own Shelves

Create your own modular stacking shelves using wood and colourful paint. You can customize the look to match the style of your room. If you're looking for wood ...

15 Jul 2017

How to Install Solid Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring installation is a big project, but you can install solid hardwood floors yourself to save money with this step-by-step video. Find more detailed ...

12 Jul 2017

How to Build a DIY Dining Set

Learn how to build a beautiful dining set with these step by step instructions. Find the complete, printable instructions at ...

3 Jul 2017

How to Hang Cabinets

Hanging upper kitchen cabinets is the next step in this series. Get detailed instructions on installing wall cabinets in any room, here: Watch ...

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27 Jun 2017

How to Install Spray Foam Insulation DIY

Shannon from shows you how to use a two-component spray foam insulation setup to DIY install of spray foam. Video ...

14 Jul 2017

How to Distress Wood

For helpful how to videos, be sure to visit If you can't find the perfect distressed wood furniture piece, don't worry. You can make it ...

21 Jul 2017

How to install a Pocket door using Johnson Pocket door hardware

Complete installation of the Johnson pocket door and show how to install a pocket door in Los Angeles. How to frame for a pocket door.

10 Jul 2017

Frameless Shower Door Install - Knee-Wall / Buttress / Tub Deck Configuration | Illusion by Coastal

Illusion Series Frameless Shower Doors (Patent Pending) by Coastal - A paradigm shift in innovation and value, Coastal's Illusion ...